At Edifice Real Estate, we have the latest stock of a wide choice of Townhouses to suit your lifestyle and comfort!


Unable to decide between an Apartment and a House?

Then consider a Townhouse, which offers the best of both worlds.

Townhouses are usually cheaper than Houses but more extensive than most Apartments.

If you are among first-time buyers/retired personnel/young professionals who may not afford a detached House in their desired area but do not want to live in an Apartment, our recommendation would be to opt for a Townhouse in a prime suburb.

If you are considering purchasing a Townhouse, whether to downsize or enter the real estate market, here are the pros of buying one:


A Townhouse provides significantly more space than an apartment. Most townhouses have two or three stories, making them more spacious than most apartments. As a result, they are great for homebuyers who require additional bedrooms for visiting family/friends or office space.


Townhouses are typically less expensive than most Houses, making them an excellent entry point for first-time buyers. However, if you purchase a Townhouse, keep in mind that you are a member of a strata scheme and will incur expenditures such as body corp fees.


Townhouses can be an excellent option for people who want the solitude of a house but do not want to live in an apartment. Townhouses, unlike typical apartments, lack communal areas such as shared corridors, an elevator, or a lobby, giving you far greater solitude.

Lets Find The Path To Your Dream Home Together.

Home is where your story begins!


Answer: To buy a Townhouse close to Brisbane CBD would cost you AUD 700000 to 1 million AUD and above.


Affordability, lifestyle, and other trends are projected to drive an increase in the number of Australians opting for a Townhouse over an Apartment and a House in the future. With a budget of 600,000 AUD, buyers can purchase a townhouse a little far from CBD and may have to compromise with the number of rooms and facilities that come with a House.

Answer: Considering the current real estate market, the minimum price range/budget for a Townhouse would be AUD 600,000 to AUD 1 million and above.

Answer: Rental Appraisals are used for various purposes, including loan applications, refinancing, and providing landlords with a quotation of how much their property will earn so that they can budget appropriately.

Your broker or bank manager will request a Rental Appraisal when you apply for a loan for an investment property, which will be included in the loan application they submit to their lender or bank.

If you want to rent out your property, you can use the most recent rental appraisal to determine the rental yield and whether the monthly rent after property management fees would be enough to cover the mortgage.

On request, Edifice Real Estate, in collaboration with other Property Management businesses, can provide a free rental appraisal with comparative market research and statistics. 

Answer: A landlord’s worst nightmare is a renter who is unable or unwilling to pay rent. A risk management policy that protects landlords from financial loss if a lessee fails to pay rent is a Rental Guarantee. The Rental Guarantee covers the monthly rent for a defined period if a covered renter stops making payments. Edifice Real Estate can provide a rental guarantee based on their property management terms and conditions in collaboration with other property management companies.

Answer: Based on the current market condition, Edifice Real Estate will arrange to bring tenants for your property with a minimum vacancy and maximum occupancy, as well as a good rental yield.

Answer: Yes, overseas/ foreign buyers can purchase property in Australia subject to certain terms and conditions.

Please get in touch with Edifice Real Estate for further discussion. We have expert Consultants for overseas/ foreign buyers who will explain everything in detail and guide you through the procedure. Once you contact us, we will set up a Consultation Call (Video/Phone) for interaction, explanation and resolving your queries.

Answer: Yes, if property buyers are interested, Edifice Real Estate will try to obtain an off-the-market plan, often the most acceptable deal with good land size and cost.

Purchasing a property off the market involves agreeing to purchase it before the property title is created and construction begins.

Answer: Yes, Edifice Real Estate can help you with a mortgage and financial estimates and services. We have strong ties with mortgage brokerage firms to serve our clients better.

Answer: Yes, Edifice Real Estate will refer you to a reputable conveyancer or solicitor who will care about the legal elements of purchasing or selling a home for you.

Answer: Depending on the circumstances, it will take 6 to 10 months to settle a newly purchased property.


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