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House and Land

In 2021, Australia’s housing values have set new highs, with the highest growth on record. It’s possible to argue that the Australian real estate market has never been “hotter.”

All thanks to ultra-low mortgage rates, government stimulus, improving economic conditions, and increased household savings.

Queensland was one of the top ten states in Australia for house value rise in 2020, topping the list of property hotspots for 2021.

In particular, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast have emerged as the preferred regions for property investors. Several factors influence property markets and determine a property’s worth or development potential.

So, what makes Queensland such a good option for investors?

-Infrastructure Projects

-High employment-to-population ratio




-Entertainment Facilities

– Upcoming 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane

House and land packages are a popular, cost-effective and time-saving method to enter the real estate market.

Why is a House and Land Package a good investment?

Unlike the hidden costs associated with revamping an existing home, the upfront price model (no surprise cost) of a House and Land Package provides the assurance of paying a single fixed fee

Some of the primary advantages of buying a House and Land Package are:

When you buy a house and land combo, you only have to pay stamp duty on the land value.

-New homes are designed in such a way that meets minimum energy efficiency standards. Rising energy expenses are a vital factor to consider when purchasing a new home because it may aid you to save money in the long run.

-Another significant advantage of new homes is that they require little or no maintenance. A builder’s guarantee will often cover the building, fixtures, and fittings, which gives peace of mind to the buyers.

-Depreciable assets, such as the building’s construction cost and its fixtures and fittings, can be claimed as tax deductions in a new home.

Capital Growth and Rental Yield are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a home or land.

When purchasing a property or land, the most important factors to consider are Capital Growth and Rental Yield.

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What is Capital Growth?

- Capital Growth is the rise in the value of your property portfolio over time.

What is Rental Yield?

The rate or percentage of returns from an investment property's rental revenue is Rental Yield. Rental Yield is critical for buyers to understand how lucrative the property can be if they wish to profit from their investment. The majority of new properties in Queensland are being built with cutting-edge infrastructure to meet the expectations of a "smart home" and ultra-modern lifestyle needs. Therefore, there is a hike in the value of Capital Growth (property value growth) and the Rental Yield (income).

Our property Consultants at Edifice Real Estate has lived in Brisbane, Queensland for almost a decade and has vast local property market experience of Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine Coast and other parts of Queensland.
House and Land Packages, we believe, are an excellent option for people looking to purchase a new home.
Edifice Real Estate can offer the most up-to-date House and Land Packages at the best pricing because we work closely with Builders and Developers as their Marketer with their live and off-the-market stocks.

Buy Your Next Home For Less Than The Cost Of Paying Rent.

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Brisbane’s housing market has transformed into a hotspot for property investors in recent years. With current and planned initiatives aimed at improving the city’s infrastructure and economy and the upcoming 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, now could be a great time to invest. It will cost anything between AUD 700000 to 1 million AUD and above to purchase an investment property close to Brisbane CBD.

Answer: Whether you are an investor, an owner-occupier, or a first-time homebuyer, the soaring prices of properties in Australian cities might be startling. Let us face it, housing in Australia’s major cities is prohibitively expensive. So, if you have a budget of 600,000 AUD and want to buy a house and land, you should look for possibilities outside of the CBD or in outlying locations.

Answer: When buying a House and Land Package, there are numerous factors to consider, including the house’s location, the size and cost of the block on which it is built, and the finishes are chosen. In today’s market in Australia, the minimum price range/budget for a new House and Land is AUD 700,000 to AUD 1 million and above, taking into account all considerations.

Answer: The average price for a good house and land package in regional areas of Brisbane starts from AUD 550,000.

Answer: Rental Appraisals are used for various purposes, including loan applications, refinancing and providing landlords with an estimate of how much their property would earn so they can prepare accordingly.

When you apply for a loan for an investment property, your broker or bank manager will request a rental appraisal, which will be required as part of the loan application they send to their lender or bank.

If you plan to rent out your property, the latest rental appraisal can help you determine the property’s rental yield and whether the monthly rent after the property management company’s fees will be sufficient to cover the mortgage.

At Edifice Real Estate, we can do a free rental appraisal on request with comparative market analysis and data in a collaboration with other Property Management companies at no additional charge.

Answer: One of the most crucial things a property investor may have is a Rental Guarantee. A rental guarantee assures property owners that they will continue to receive rent on their investment. Many investors choose to purchase property with a guaranteed rent return to minimise the risk of vacancy, late rent payments, and, in some situations, property management expenses. At Edifice Real Estate, we can arrange a rental guarantee in a collaboration with other Property Management companies as per their certain terms and conditions of property management.

Answer: Yes, Edifice Real Estate will arrange to bring tenants for your property with a minimum vacancy and maximum occupancy with a good rental yield based on the current market scenario.

Answer: Yes, overseas/ foreign buyers can purchase property in Australia subject to certain terms and conditions.

Please get in touch with Edifice Real Estate for further discussion. We have expert Consultants for overseas/ foreign buyers who will explain everything in detail and guide you through the procedure. Once you contact us, we will set up a Consultation Call (Video/Phone) for interaction, explanation and resolving your queries.

Answer: Yes, at Edifice Real Estate, many times if buyers are interested, we try to get an off-the-market plan which proves to be the sometimes best deal with good land size along with good pricing.

Purchasing a property off-the-market plan entails entering into a contract to buy it before the property title has been created and construction has begun.

Answer: Yes, at Edifice Real Estate, you will get help with Finance/ Mortgage estimates/services. We have close tie-ups with Mortgage Broking Firms to serve our clients.

Answer: Yes, at Edifice Real Estate, we will introduce you to a good Conveyancer/Solicitor.

Answer: It will take  6 to 10 months to settle newly purchased property, depending on the circumstances.

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