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Find lucrative Land investment opportunities on Edifice Real Estate!

Purchasing a House, Apartment or Townhouse is not always the key to getting into real estate for many buyers/ investors. Some buyers/investors begin by purchasing a plot of Land, large or small, and begin constructing the home of their dreams.

Or, simply just sell the Land after some time with a handsome profit.

Land is an inexpensive long-term investment with a high assured return from an investment standpoint.

Following are some broad types of possible Land investments:

Residential Land

Commercial Land

Residential Land

If you are thinking about making a real estate investment, here are some reasons why buying a piece of Land should be at the top of your list:

Less Investment Cost:

Buying a plot of Land is far less expensive. They have a cheap entrance ticket size, which means that even new investors can buy them without financial constraints. Many investors choose to buy Land early in life and then build a home later when they have more money. It can be a lot less expensive than buying a house and paying EMIs on it. On the other hand, many investors choose to buy Land early and then just sell it at a premium price and make a huge profit.

Multiple Usage:

One of the most valid reasons for purchasing Land is customising it for any future purpose. You can use it to start a farm or build a house or just resale it with profit.

Less Maintenance:

 There is essentially no upkeep necessary with a parcel of Land. Even the most sedentary investor can own Land and not bother about regular maintenance.


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Appreciating Valuations:

Purchasing a plot of Land may provide you with a competitive advantage. Land prices rise at a significantly quicker rate than residential property prices. The infrastructure also influences the value of Land in the area. Improvements in the latter will inevitably increase the former. The Land offers substantially better profits in a shorter period when combined with the low investment required to purchase it.

Zero Gap Between Purchase & Possession:

When purchasing an Apartment, House, or Townhouse that is still under construction, buyers must wait until it is finished before taking ownership. The final handover can take 2 years or even longer, depending on the project’s building stage. With a parcel of Land, there is almost no chance of a delay. Owners can almost immediately take control of their new assets because Land does not require any construction.

Less Competition:

 Developed Land is more popular than undeveloped Land. As a result, you face little competition, and in no time, you will be able to locate Land that suits your requirements. Before you go out looking for Raw Land, there are a few things to think about. Considering the following factors can assist you in finding the right piece of Land for your needs:


If you are on the lookout for a particular parcel of Land, first check its zoning with the city planning office. You do not want to buy Land on which you plan to develop a house designated for commercial use.


Look for a land that has the perfect shape for the development you want to do. Do not only think about the dimensions. No two identical lots of the same size have the same form.


While you can buy Land from afar, going to see it in person could be crucial. You will be able to tell whether it is accessible or not, how far it is from the road, and whether or not an easement is required.

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The Hunt Of Your Land Will Be Your Life-Changing Experience.

A vision for your life!


Answer: When purchasing Land in Australia, you will be required to pay stamp duty. Land tax and transfer registration fees must also be paid.

Answer: Yes, overseas/ foreign buyers can purchase property in Australia subject to certain terms and conditions.

Please get in touch with Edifice Real Estate for further discussion. We have expert Consultants for overseas/ foreign buyers who will explain everything in detail and guide you through the procedure. Once you contact us, we will set up a Consultation Call (Video/Phone) for interaction, explanation and resolving your queries.


Answer: Land prices in Australia vary substantially depending on where you purchase them. Close to Tara, a town in Queensland, you can find Land for as little as AUD 0.18 per square metre. Land in Western Sydney, on the other hand, might cost more than AUD 1,000 per square metre, a figure more than 50,000 times higher.

Answer: The Land available to buy are Agricultural Land, Commercial Land, and Residential Land.

Answer: Yes, at Edifice Real Estate,  we can give you information for economical land available or head start for land release in and around Queensland.

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